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Essential Vitamins

Vitamins Vitamins are essential for growth and normal functioning of body processes. Vitamins regulate chemical reaction in our bodies which plays a significant role in blood clotting. Vitamins cannot

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Are You Getting Enough Vitamins And Minerals?

Note: this post has been updated in December 2018. Vitamins and minerals are 2 of the 6 essential nutrients along with water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fiber. The big question that we need to

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Healthy Kids And Multivitamins – Do They Go Together?

Note: this post has been updated in December 2018. Do Healthy Kids Need Multivitamins? Here is another way to think about this question. Do healthy kids need vitamins? Yes. Do healthy kids need nutrients?

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Minerals essential for human functioning

Minerals are one of the six Essential Nutrients that are necessary for energy and materials for life building processes in the human body. Thus the term essential nutrients. Minerals Essential for human

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