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What is Meant by Being Vegan

​Definition of Vegan​The basic definition of vegan is someone who neither eats or uses animal-based products in their lives at least within the realm of reality. For example, using fuel is animal based

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Is Plant-Based or Vegan Diet Better

Which is better for you? There’s often quite a bit of confusion about the terms ‘plant-based diet’, ‘vegetarian” and ‘vegan’. Many people don’t really know the difference between

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Plant Based Diets versus Vegan Diets

Note: this post has been updated in September 2019. Plant Based Diets Versus Vegan Diets. A plant-based diet is no different than a vegan diet, right? Sorry, think again. Plant-based dieters may vary not

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Is vegan food better for your health?

Note: this post has been updated in October 2019. Is vegan food better for your health than regular food? Be careful with your answer as you may be surprised! It seems that more and more individuals are

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