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Plant based Topics

Eating a plant-based diet isn’t just a new fad. It is a proven way to become healthier, while  also  helping  improve  the  environment. This page covers the plant-based articles of interest included on this site which will help you revolutionize your health. You can access these plant based topics of interest or articles by following the links or clicking on the related image.

Standard American Diet

The Standard American Diet is a big problem.  Our biggest risk factor for disease, disability, and death is the Standard American diet. What we eat in America is more dangerous to our health than anything else. There are numerous problems with the American Diet from wrong foods, portion control, and toxic chemicals in the food.

Plant Based Diets

Plant Based diets and lifestyle is a highly recommended action plan to help free yourself of disease and medications that are over prescribed and may do more harm than good. Food is my medicine. Basically, there are three general categories or classifications of plant-based diets!

Plant Based Health Benefits

Health Benefits are the main reason many individuals choose to eat plant based. One of the major benefits is in disease-proofing your body. There are others eating plant-based because of ideological reasons like the care of animals and the environment.

Importance of nutrition

Nutrition to our bodies from the food we eat is the key to all life. Nutrition is essential for life and means your body must have all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary to function property Nutrition is essential for life and good nutrition means your body gets all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to work its best.

Essential nutrients for Life

Essential nutrients are necessary for life. The dictionary definition of “nutrient” is something that provides nourishment. In the field of nutrition and diet, nutrients are more specific. There are six specific categories of Essential Nutrients, all of which are necessary to sustain life, that is why we call them essential nutrients.

Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living tips could include many items to choose from, so I will only mention only a few.  On top of my list would include creating a budget and reading food labels. Other tips on my list would include trying to eat organic when you can, eat healthy snacks and be careful of the cook ware that you use.

Foods We Should Eat

There is a great debate going on about eating real food instead of processed foods. Processed foods are all around us at restaurants and throughout grocery stores.

Real foods are foods that are grown with minimal processing. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great examples of real foods.

Foods to Avoid

The foods listed below should be avoided by everyone and especially if you are eating a whole food plant-based diet.

These are: Refined grains: White rice, white pasta, white bread, bagels, etc. Packaged and convenience foods: Chips, crackers, cereal bars, frozen dinners, etc.