Reduce or Eliminate Diabetes Medication in 20 Days

If you are Diabetic, you need this Guide

Dr. Fuhrman will show you how to achieve dramatic improvement – and in most cases, reversal – through superior nutrition. This transformation, from the throes of disease to wellness, can be quick and permanent.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20: Diabetes outlines a plan that can, with your doctor’s guidance, put you on the path to gradually reducing and eventually freeing yourself from the medication, glucose monitoring, HbA1C measurements, medical appointments and devastating complications tied to this life-threatening illness.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20: Diabetes paperback edition lays out an easy-to-follow 20-day meal plan that will reset your palate, recharge your mind and reenergize your body, while you eat delicious, nutrient-dense foods. And, best of all, you will see significant health improvement in less than three weeks.

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